Do your Abdominals make you LOOK fat but YOU ARE NOT?

Does your stomach stick out? But it's not bodyfat?

Tom Legath of TL Performance says the simple reason is:

Your back is Hyper Extended in posture and your abdominals are not able to keep your pelvis stable.

One cause for this could be the way you work out - if you squat with an arch, if you arch to come out of a squat, if you run on your heels, if you do walking lunges, etc. YOU WILL DEVELOP THIS!

Tom gives us 3 steps to begin to correct this problem:

The first thing you will do is to learn how to properly engage your abdominals during training.  Did you notice I did NOT say Core?  That's because core is a vague term that means nothing.  Trainers point to your midsection and say core.  But your mid section has many muscles so which one are they referring to?  And how do you use that one?  How do you know what to do just by the term core?  At least with abdominals we can narrow it down AND we are referring to specific real muscles.

The second thing you will have to do is learn proper technique in squats and deadlifts.  Do you have a model of how to perform a squat?  Do you have a model of how to perform a deadlift?  If not, you need a model.  I have a model if you want to learn one email me at and we can schedule an appointment to go over squat and deadlift technique.

The third thing which is actually the first thing is to STRETCH.  Stop doing "mobility" drills and other popular trendy stuff and stretch.  I don't mean yoga.  Really take time to stretch in a comfortable place where its quiet, where you can slow your breathing, calm your emotions, and let go of tension in a static position.  If you can fall asleep stretching all the better!!

For more awesome tips from Tom, visit his website
Tom Legath, Physical Preparation Coach

[Tom Legath is a friend of SilverLakeStar. Silver Lake people value good health. Tom values proper technique to attain good health and avoid injury.] 

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